Watch: “Public can hold us accountable; strategy should be published” – Gafà

The new Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà has stated that he wishes that the new strategy for the Police Force going forward be published. This is because he wants the public to be central to this policy promoting good governance, accountability and transparency, as the public has the power to hold individuals accountable for their actions.

Gafà was addressing his first press conference. He discussed the survey issued by Times of Malta that showed a low confidence rate in the Maltese police, saying that their trust will only be gained by showing that the police force is serious about investigating corruption.

The anti-fraudulent corruption strategy includes the recommendations given by the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO). The strategy includes a new code of ethics which incorporates the fresh realities of today. Furthermore, corruption has previously had to be addressed with a manual report. However, the individual needs to be courageous enough to do so. Therefore, digital platforms will be provided so that these reports can be made anonymously. These will be in place following the approval of the policy.

During this same conference he stated that he is scared of no one because his role is one to serve the state, not individuals. He added that the past is not reflective of the future, stating that he enjoys the challenge that comes along with such an investigation related to financial crime. Gafà went on to say that in property crime, there is a victim; but in such a crime, there are a number of people who are working closely together. The challenge is to disband them and turn them against each other.

Gafà also said that nothing is impossible in terms of achieving a conclusion about the investigation and that there are further resources that can assist the Malta Police Force should they need them.