Watch: Pope honours the planet; Bono and Zucchero sing for Earth Day

While Pope Francis celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day with a message of hope for the planet; world-renowned musical artists Zucchero “Sugar” Fornaciari and Bono sang “Canta la vita” to Pope Francis and Earth Day.

Pope Francis in his message that one of the lessons of the coronavirus pandemic is the need for solidarity as we can overcome global challenges only by showing solidarity with one another and embracing the most vulnerable in our midst. 

“Our garden-home”

Pope Francis referred to the planet as “our garden-home” adding that when we do not care for it and for our brothers and sisters we sin against the earth, against our neighbours, and ultimately against the Creator. 

He emphasised the need to look at our common home, the earth, in a new way, in order to restore a harmonious relationship with the earth and with the rest of humanity. In his message he urged listeners to stop considering the planet as a “storehouse of resources for us to exploit”.  For the Pope the earth “is not just our home but also God’s home”. He described the natural world as the “Gospel of Creation” since it expresses God’s creative power in fashioning human life and bringing the world and all it contains into existence, in order to sustain humanity.

Appeal for an ecological conversion

The Pope said that the only way forward to avoid the threat to our common home is through  an ecological conversion with implies the taking of concrete actions.  

The Pope repeated a message he had put forward in  his 2015 encyclical, “Laudato Si noting that we are fashioned from the earthand that the fruit of the earth sustains our life.   He emphasised the fact that we live in this common home as one human family in biodiversity with God’s other creatures. He added that humans have polluted and despoiled it, endangering our very lives.  Our children, he said, have taken to the streets to teach us that “we have no future if we destroy the very environment that sustains us”.

“Canta la vita”

A few hours before the Pope delivered his message  Zucchero “Sugar” Fornaciari and Bono sang “Canta la vita” adapted from Bono’s “Let Your Love Be Known”.

Bono and Zucchero performed in front of Rome’s Colosseum This marks an incredible artistic partnership between Zucchero and Bono. The final part of the song is merging the voices of both artists, to launch a worldwide message of union. 

The video and the photo are made available thanks to @Courtesy of Earth Day Network.

“This celebration of Earth Day by Pope Francis is one that we know will galvanize the world to support our planet,” said Kathleen Rogers, President of Earth Day. “We are so moved by Zucchero and Bono’s musical collaboration of ‘Canta La Vita’ and we know everyone around the globe will be united and touched by this emotional song. The outpouring of celebration for 50th anniversary of Earth Day from around the globe is like no other.”

About Earth Day Network  

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