Watch: “Politicians ought to be wary of gifts and friendships” – Aaron Farrugia

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Minister Aaron Farrugia stated that politicians ought to be wary of gifts and friendships. Nationalist Member of Parliament (PN MP) Therese Comodini Cachia agreed with this sentiment, adding that even gifts to family members could be problematic. On his end, television host Peppi Azzopardi stated that the most problematic gifts are those gifted from businessmen to political parties.

Farrugia, Comodini Cachia and Azzopardi were interviewed on Newsbook Hour, that’s aired on Saturday mornings on 103 Malta’s Heart.

“I’m uncomfortable with the notion of politicians accepting gifts” – Farrugia

Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia said that he is uncomfortable with the notion of politicians accepting gifts.

He elaborated by saying that he does not deserve gifts given that he is simply fulfilling his role by serving the people as a politician. He added that that’s the point of receiving a salary.

He went on to say that even friendships can be problematic. He explained that situations where politicians go on holiday with persons of interest to society should be avoided. This is even if the politician pays his own way.

“Why should my children receive gifts for something I’ve done?” – Comodini Cachia

PN MP Therese Comodini Cachia agreed with Farrugia’s sentiments, adding that even politicians’ family members ought not to receive gifts as a result of political work. She wondered why her children ought to receive a gift for something that she had done.

Furthermore, she warned members of the judiciary to be wary of certain friendships, along the same lines of Farrugia’s warning to politicians.

She explained that the PN code of ethics binds her to declare any gifts she recieves, big or small. She elaborated by saying that if an author were to gift a publishing of their own, that’s one thing; but for one to invite certain people to a birthday party, and accept highly priced gifts, is a completely different situation.

“Gifts from business men to political parties are what worry me” – Azzopardi

Peppi Azzopardi, on his end, said that the gifts that worry him are those gifted by businessmen to political parties. He added that the Government must provide certain funds to the political party, in order to avoid dependence of business men’s money.