Watch: Policeman slightly injured; 3 cars ablaze in Ħal Far protest

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A policeman was slightly injured while three cars were ablaze during a disturbance at Ħal Far ‘Tent Village’ on Sunday night. The cars that caught fire were not police cars, however a police car and another car were damaged.

The media reported that around 1,000 people who live at Ħal Far ‘Tent Village’ staged a protest. However, the police spokesperson did not confirm the number of people involved, replying that ‘a considerable number of migrants were involved’. The incident was reported to the police around 10pm and lasted until the early hours of Monday morning. is informed that three migrants tried to access the camp drinking alcohol, at which they were stopped by the security. Police were then called onsite. The three migrants were allegedly beaten by the police according to sources that spoke to, before others intervened. is also informed that there was no electricity at the time of the incident. 

The detention service sought reinforcements from the police, who deployed officers from the Rapid Intervention Unit and district officers.

The police spokesperson said that three cars were ablaze while another car and a police car were damaged.

A police investigation is ongoing.