Updated: Police searching for evidence at Ħal Far civic amenity site

Updated 18.00

Malta Today is reporting that the police have officially closed off public access to the Wasteserv facility in Ħal Far.

No official statements have been issued regarding the incident, however sources speaking to Malta Today say that the decision to shut down operations and close the facility, could be linked to the recent double murder.

The facility is understood to have closed only a few hours after a man was charged and plead not guilty to the murders of his his mother and sister at their home in Għaxaq. Both women’s bodies were understood to have been hidden on the outskirts of the town.

Police could be searching the facility for the murder weapon, Malta Today’s sources tell them.

Watch: Police searching for evidence at Ħal Far civic amenity site

A number of police officials are currently conducting a search at the civic amenity site in Ħal Far. After contacting Wasteserv, a spokesperson replied with only one line ‘There is no statement to issue from our end.’

The media relations unit for the Police are also not answering Newsbook’s phone calls.

According to TVM, the police had gone there yesterday evening, leaving the area guarded overnight.

TVM reports that the police are searching for evidence related to a recent double murder. It is understood that the murder weapon hasn’t been found yet.