Watch: Police launch transformation strategy for next five years

Launch of the Malta Police Transformation Strategy 2020- 2025

Launch of The Malta Police Transformation Strategy 2020- 2025

Posted by The Malta Police Force on Friday, September 25, 2020

The Malta Police Force launched its Transformation Strategy for 2020-2025 on Friday. The document which consists of 11 strategic objectives consisting of 49 goals for the upcoming years.

The launch comes during the week dedicated to Public Service.

In a press conference held on Friday, Professor Saviour Formosa who chairs the board of governors explained that the strategy aims at modernising the Police Force. He explained that there was a period of stocktaking. He noted that over the years crimes changed and there was an increase in transnational crimes.

He highlighted that the Police Force does not want to be a reactive force, but a pro-active one in a dynamic society.

The launch came after a lengthy process which included review of past efforts, legislative changes, as the Malta Police Force sought EU funds to carry out the necessary transformation.

The strategy is based on transformation pillars which include modernisation of the Police Force which is on the ground, functional, and utilises a knowledge-intelligence based approach and works hand in hand with society.

‘Our job can only be effective if we work with the community’

Police Chief Angelo Gafà underlined that the vision for the Malta Police Force to become a professional and trusted service which is delivered in partnership with the community. He highlighted that respect is earned.

Gafà noted that over the past three years the crime rates decreased despite the conditions for the rate to increase. Despite the decrease in crime rate, the public has lost their trust in the police force.

The public is continuously keeping us accountable for our actions, Gafà said.

The police commissioner stressed that the document would not remain just another document but needs to be implemented and transformed into concrete action.

The document aims at having a police force becoming more accountable, exercise good governance and earn back the people’s trust.

Gafà highlighted that the document is not just another one, but it is collectively owned by the police. He added that the Malta Police also wanted to send a message at European level saying that it wants to reform and adapt to the current realities.

“Today the Police Force is sending out a strong message, that we are not only responding to reports, but we are strategically planning for the future,” Gafà said.

The police commissioner underlined that every member had the opportunity to participate in the exercise unlike previous similar exercises.

“The Police Force has a clear plan ahead of it,” Gafà said, noting that the launch was being broadcasted live saying that the Police Force wants to become more transparent and accountable to the public.

Courageous but doable – Home Affairs Minister

Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri described the strategy as courageous but doable. Addressing the launch, Camilleri said to bring about the necessary changes, courage is needed.

Camilleri said that the Police Force should be focused on policing and not carrying out other tasks which could be outsourced.

“If there is one thing that this strategy is emphasising, it is that all units are the same and should be complemented in the same way. The Police Force should be composed of motivated members. I want to see a force built on structures not personalities,” he said.

Michel Ganado from PwC also addressed the press conference, explaining the role of PwC in the drafting of the document.