Watch: Police keep cool in face of memorial fracas

A number of police officers were called to the site of murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia memorial after an argument ensued between two people.

A video uploaded on social media by Labour Party councillor Ray Azzopardi shows an elderly man who seems to tell a woman, who was part of a group of activists laying flowers and candles: “dak in-nuċċali nkissirulek f’għajnejk” (“I will smash your glasses in your face.”)

It appears that after the woman had taken a photo or video of the man on her mobile phone he snatched it and threatened to break it. He eventually gave the phone back to her.

According to sources who spoke to, the woman had squeezed past an opening in the barriers to put flowers and candles in front of the boarding which is now covering the space where the memorial used to be.

After a group of men (which included the man in the video) said that her actions were useless, as they would soon be removed, the woman took a photo or video of them with her phone and that is when the man confronted her.