Watch: Police find cannabis, synthetic drugs and cocaine in Cospicua drug bust

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A 27-year-old man was arrested following a joint operation involving the Drug Squad, the Special Intervention Unit and Cospicua District Police. The operation started around 6pm on Saturday and came to an end around 2am on Sunday morning.

The police had placed the man under surveillance for weeks and moved in to arrest him on Saturday afternoon. The raid took place in three different localities with the police encircling four places owned by the man. During the raid, the police found more than one kilo of cannabis, around two kilos of synthetic drugs and cocaine.

The police started following a possibly armed man driving a vehicle at around 6pm on Saturday. An order to stop the vehicle was issued once the man reached Żabbar, however the man drove towards Triq il-Kottonera. The police encircled the car there.

The man attempted to flee the scene and subsequently crashed into two police vehicles.

Officers from the Special Intervention Unit emerged from their vehicle and handcuffed the man.

In the car, the police found a pistol and a machete. €6,000 in cash, cocaine and synthetic drugs were also found in the car.

While the man was being arrested, the Police had encircled both his residence in Cospicua, a garage in Fgura and another garage in Marsascala.

The man was taken onto the four different locations were a police raid took place which yielded a considerable amount of packets containing cannabis, paraphernalia associated with drug trafficking and money in cash. The police also found several weapons.

The police also confiscated a Toyota Vitz, Mercedes, Mitsubishi Shogun, two BMW’s, and four motorcycles. All vehicles were registered in the man’s name.

The man was taken to the Police Headquarters.

Three other individuals are being questioned by the police.

Magistrate Audrey Demicoli is leading the inquiry.

Video: CMRU