Watch: Police arrest armed man in Pietà following stand-off

Updated 12:46 PM

Posted by Alan Abela-Wadge on Sunday, November 1, 2020

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

An armed man has been arrested by the police following a six-hour stand-off in Pietà.

In a statement, the police said that the 38-year-old man who is a Serbian national was armed with fire arms and knives.

The man was arrested following more than six hours of negotiations.

The police were called to Triq Qrejten at around 7.30pm on Sunday evening following reports that an armed man had threatened residents and then locked himself inside his apartment.

A man who was allegedly under the influence of drugs began vandalizing a parked car, a resident told recalling Sunday’s ordeal. The man had argued with another person as they continued to quarrel in public. He then hit a parked car. This happened at around 7pm with the owners of the car filing a police report. At around 7.30pm the police was called to assist.

The man emerged out of his house armed with a knife when the police knocked on his door. He then shot at the police. More police units were dispatched to assist with the police cordoning off the area.

During the negotiations, the man was seen walking around his residence armed. Inside the house, there were also three fighting dogs.

The Special Intervention Unit was also on site. The man did not cooperate with the police following the hours-long negotiations.

This footage which was filmed by a resident shows the situation at 9.45pm.

Video: Facebook/Chris X Malta

The police stormed the apartment at 1.45am when several shots were heard. Flashbangs were used which allowed the police to arrest the suspect. One of the dogs attacked a police man and was shot.

An animal ambulance arrived on site at 2am on which the animals were taken away.

During the arrest, the police found a pistol and a shotgun as well as ammunition. The police also found various knives and swords as well as sharp wooden objects.

The two other fighting dogs were taken away by the animal welfare.

A medical team was also on site but no one was injured during the ordeal.

Duty Magistrate Neville Camilleri is leading the inquiry.

The police are investigating the case.

On Monday morning a resident wrote that he and his were never in harm and that the situation had been under control all the time.