Watch: Poacher shoots down three white storks

White Stork shot today

This afternoon 18 #WhiteStorks visited Malta. They were spotted in Gozo and then later on in Malta in Rabat and Mdina. At one point a member of the public witnessed a hunter shooting down three of the storks. Two were collected but when the hunter realised he was being watched he left the third one behind. The Administrative Law Enforcement (ALE) police unit was informed over 30 minutes ago, yet till now there has been no response while Rabat police officers are monitoring a smaller flock from these 18 that have rested in the limits of Żebbuġ. WE CALL ON THE GENERAL PUBLIC TO KEEP AN EYE OUT TOMORROW AND TO INFORM US AND THE POLICE IF THEY SUSPECT ANY ILLEGAL HUNTING ON THESE PROTECTED BIRDS.

Posted by BirdLife Malta on Friday, August 10, 2018

BirdLife Malta reported that a poacher had shot down three white storks late last night.  This type of bird is protected by law.

In a Facebook post, BirdLife said that 18 white storks have arrived in Malta.  A poacher was seen shooting down three of them.  He collected two but left the third one behind when he realised he was being watched.

According to BirdLife, the Police have not yet taken any action against this poacher but Police are protecting a number of these birds in Żebbuġ.