Watch: PN leadership candidates mark Independence Day

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Incumbent Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia and leadership candidate Bernard Grech have both marked Independence Day by sharing a video on the day.

Malta marked its 56 anniversary since it attained its independence from the United Kingdom on Monday. Earlier during the day, Archbishop Charles Scicluna presided over a Mass at St John’s Co-Cathedral.

Archbishop Charles Scicluna delivers homily during Mass on Independence Day
Archbishop outlines the path to national healing

In his message, Delia underlined that the country needs to decide the future it desires for itself.

‘Our independence should be celebrated by phasing out the use of fossil fuels and cutting down on emissions which pollute our environment and cause health problems,’ Delia said.

He maintained that the country should not remain dependent on corruption and should not base its economic policies on population growth and the ‘importing of workers in precarious jobs’ or modern day slavery.

The Opposition Leader said that Malta’s future should be built on local talent and friendship, as well as our beliefs. He highlighted the need to continue investing in our human resources.

By transforming the economy and finding new niches, Malta can attract new clean investment based on talent, he remarked.

“What does Independence Day mean to us? We remember the birth of a nation. In 1964 George Borg Oliver believed that as a nation we could stand independently, we did not have to depend on the Queen or the United Kingdom anymore.”

He said that today the world and the country is facing a difficult period, both due to the pandemic and what has happened in the past few years in Malta. Delia mentioned that the country’s reputation has been tarnished and it lost its credibility in international fora.

The PN leader and leadership candidate noted that the government was absent during the ongoing health pandemic. Delia maintained that Prime Minister Robert Abela had abided by the advice given by the health authorities during the first wave. However, this contrasted greatly with Abela’s behaviour now, he remarked, as he accused the government of deceiving the public.

A new Independence for Malta – Grech

Lawyer and leadership candidate Bernard Grech also shared a video message on Monday.

In his message, Grech said that he wished a new form of independence for the country. He maintained that citizens should be autonomous from politicians and should not remain at their mercy.

Grech underlined that the person should be at the centre of policy making.

He also commented on the need to rebuild the country’s reputation and social justice.