Watch: PN calls for immediate removal of Muscat and Mizzi

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Partit Nazzjonalista has called on Prime Minister Robert Abela to demand disgraced Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and disgraced Minister Konrad Mizzi to step down as an MP.

In a press conference on Saturday afternoon, addressed by PN Deputy Leader David Agius, and Opposition MPs Mario De Marco and Ryan Callus, Partit Nazzjonalista underlined that while Prime Minister Abela expressed his “disgust” at the latest revelations, he failed from taking concrete action.

“24 hours later, Abela has not yet demand anyone to shoulder political responsibility over the wind farm deal,” Agius remarked.

On Friday, in a joint investigation by Times of Malta and Reuters it was revealed that murder suspect Yorgen Fenech made €4.6 million through his Dubai-based company 17 Black when Enemalta bought a wind farm site in Montenegro.

The police have reacted to the allegations, saying that “the investigation had started prior to the media reports”.

Agius noted that both Muscat and Mizzi had resigned from their posts however the former remained a consultant to Abela, while the latter kept his seat in Parliament.

The Deputy Leader said that the people want their money back. Referring to a statement made by Foreign Affairs Minister Evarist Bartolo, Agius spoke of the economic hardship the country might face if it is grey listed for lack of action against financial crime. He remarked that the Opposition was expecting Abela to break away from “this continuity of scandals” and distance himself from Muscat and Mizzi.

Did the Finance Minister notice any red flags in the deal? – De Marco

Opposition spokesperson for Finance Mario De Marco highlighted that the role of the Finance Minister was to act as a guardian for public finances. He remarked that the Finance Minister does not simply act as a rubber stamp.

Directing his questions at Finance Minister Edward Scicluna, De Marco asked whether the ministry detected any red flags in the Montenegro wind farm deal. He questioned whether the ministry would be publishing the due diligence report which was meant to be prepared ahead of the purchase of shares.

De Marco reminded that the government had sold Enemalta’s assets however the public was still liable.

Also referring to Bartolo’s statement, De Marco reminded that both Bartolo and Scicluna were ministers within Muscat’s cabinet. He highlighted that both had voted in favour of Muscat and Mizzi whenever a confidence vote was taken in parliament.

Video: Partit Nazzjonalista / Facebook