Watch: ‘Planting a tree transforms the area into an ecosystem’

‘Planting a tree transforms the area into an ecosystem,’ forester Dr Charles Grech told

When asked about the importance of sowing seeds of indigenous trees, Dr Grech compared the exercise to a restoration of a building. Speaking to this newsroom, the forester explained that similar to restoration works on building, when one plants a tree they should go for indigenous trees and not non-native trees.

Referring to a number of oak groves around the country, Dr Grech said that when one wants to grow more trees in an area, they should opt to using the seeds which fall under the tree rather than introducing seeds from a different area.

He explained that those interested in planting a tree or sowing a seed should take into consideration the species preferred habitats. Taking the Mediterranean Willow as an example, Dr Grech noted that since it grows in valleys, the species does not grow well when it is exposed or placed at a height.

Using indigenous species helps in re-naturalizing a place, Dr Grech observed. ‘One cannot transform a place like it was before, but at least you can come close,’ he added. When planting trees, Dr Grech urged the public to use indigenous species as these help bring back the various flora and fauna to the area and therefore create their own ecosystem.

In his final advice to the general public, Dr Grech said that one should seek advice from environmental NGOs which would be able to guide the person when choosing an indigenous shrub or tree.

Video: Miguela Xuereb