Watch: PD Leader says Cardona comment, a threat

The PD leader, MP Godfrey Farrugia has claimed that Economy Minister Chris
Cardona threatened him with ‘Ġejja Tiegħek’, ‘Your Time Will Come’.

Dr Farrugia told the Speaker that such language was not appropriate for the House.
He also explained that he and his partner fellow PD MP Marlene Farrugia had both
received death threats.

In response to the comment, the Speaker Angelo Farrugia, said he was of the
impression that Dr Cardona had delivered the comment in a political tone and
promptly ended the matter.

Speaking to MP Marlene Farrugia explained that this is not the
first time her or her partner’s lives have been threatened and that the words
expressed by Dr Cardona were not of a political nature, they were of another kind.