Watch: “Parents of LGBTQI+ children also have to do their ‘coming out'” – Louisa Grech, Drachma Parents

Drachma Parents Group – Malta is a group of Catholic parents of LGBTQI+ persons offering support and a safe space. It welcomes and embraces parents, relatives and friends of persons who are LGBTQI+.  

The group comes together regularly to reflect and to pray; to share their pain, challenges, experiences, hope and love. spoke to Drachma Parents’ coordinator Louisa Grech, whose now-grown-up son is gay.

“A lot of our kids have been bullied at school, although not all choose to talk about it or to be open about it. They suffer in silence, a lot of silence and when you learn about it, it is sometimes too late,” Louisa says, “Parents also have to do their ‘coming out’, because when they first get to know, they close it within themselves… it becomes a burning inside of yourself which you cannot express.”

The group works closely with their counterpart, Drachma LGBT, where together they raise awareness, promote diversity and inclusion, and foster dialogue with society at large and with the Church in particular, building bridges for better understanding, encouraging openness to and respect of LGBTQI+ persons.

You are there with people who are hurting just as you’re hurting… you are in a safe place

“Our biggest fear I think, is getting somebody telling you something like, ‘You know what the Church says?’ and ‘You shouldn’t accept them’ and ‘You should tell them to change’,” explains Louisa, “What you find at Drachma Parents is an oasis. First of all, you’re not judged. You are there with people who are hurting just as you’re hurting… you are in a safe place.”

You may contact Drachma Parents on or tel. no: 9945 4581.

This is the first part of a two-part interview. The second part will be posted on on Tuesday 1st December 2020.