Watch: Packed bars but no concerts; Joseph Calleja questions inconsistent measures

Operatic tenor Joseph Calleja questioned how bars and restaurants could still be seen packed with people – including in Malta – while classical concerts have all but stopped the world over due to concerns related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking in this week’s edition of Andrew Azzopardi on 103, Calleja recognised the threat of the pandemic, but lamented about the apparent inconsistency in the way countries were seeking to contain it.

“Even in Malta, you can see how certain clubs and restaurants are still packed with people, with no social distancing,” Calleja recounted. “So I cannot understand how this can take place until late at night, while a classical concert – where you are seated and wearing a mask, even with some social distancing in place and in an open air setting – cannot.”

“Perhaps the virus likes concerts and avoids clubs,” he quipped, before arguing that that with the proper precautions, classical concerts could be allowed to resume.

Calleja also assured that opera singers would make sure to follow all precautions to avoid the spread of Covid-19, as they have long done to avoid any respiratory illness that may leave them unable to perform. He observed that he has been using hand sanitisers regularly for many years, and that he would wear face masks during flights to avoid catching even the common cold.