Watch: Owen Bonnici doesn’t answer question about Egrant’s owner

Minister Owen Bonnici didn’t respond to a question posed by about the identity of Egrant’s owner, instead only referring to article 39 of Magistrate Aaron Bugeja’s inquiry. asked Minister Owen Bonnici whether he believes that Egrant’s owner is Brian Tonna, when considering that Mossack Fonseca didn’t put the owner’s name in writing but would only consider giving the name via Skype. The Minister was also asked to answer this question in light of other companies filed under the name of a Minister, and the name of the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff.

They called for Simon Busuttil’s resignation, where Minister Bonnici stressed that like the PM was ready to take on responsibility if any truth came to light with the inquiry, other people should be ready to do the same. He said that “the only way forward for Simon Busuttil is to leave”. Deputy Zrinzo Azzopardi went on to say that Busuttil should “vacate all roles that he occupies right now, and should resign.”

They concluded the conference with Zrinzo Azzopardi saying that “today is not the time for speculation, today we have a document published by a magistrate, from the Court, which was appointed according to the consitution, and therefore, it is no longer the time to speculate about this lie, as there are facts.”

You can watch the entire conference here:

LIVE: Il-Ministru Owen Bonnici u d-deputat Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi jindirizzaw konferenza tal-aħbarijiet.

Posted by on Monday, July 23, 2018