Watch: ‘This result gives PN the opportunity to reform itself’ – Puli

Luke Zerafa

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Partit Nazzjonalista Secretary General Clyde Puli claimed that the election result from Saturday’s election give Partit Nazzjonalista the opportunity to move forward, by implementing the reforms and changes which are needed.

Speaking to, Puli said that the party humbly accepts the result however, he explained the result requires the party to reflect on what it is saying and by whom it is being said.

Commenting about the 55.1% projected win, Puli said that over the past year the surveys had predicted a worse loss for Partit Nazzjonalista, referring to the 88,000 gap between the two parties. According to Puli, over the past few weeks, the situation within the party was stabilised, saying that this gave a sense of hope. Puli explained that this promises well for the party and that the proposals being put forward by the party are good. Puli concluded by saying that the party’s proposals should be better delivered to the electorate.

Watch: ‘Our samples show less difference between PL and PN’ – Arrigo

Partit Nazzjonalista Deputy Leader Robert Arrigo said that no one has the third or fourth quota, in a comment to

Spotted in the count hall minutes after Partit Laburista delegates said that the first indications show a major win for the party, Arrigo reacted to the initial indications.

According to Arrigo, that while Partit Laburista secured the majority of the votes, claiming a projection of a win with 45,000 votes, from Partit Nazzjonalista’s samples it shows that the gap is of some 40,000.

Arrigo said that one needs to analyse the votes.

Speaking about to whom will the fourth seat go to, Arrigo said that both the third and fourth seat do not seem to have the necessary amounts of vote to secure the quota, meaning that Partit Laburista does not have the quota for the fourth seat while Partit Nazzjonalista does not have the enough vote to secure the third seat quota. Arrigo said this will mean that the candidate will be elected without securing the quota while the seventh runner up will remain hanging by a considerable number of votes.

Soon after the initial indications were announced, Partit Laburista President Daniel Micallef reacted by saying that the result fills the party with hope and thanked all those who have entrusted the party.