Watch: “Our mission is to protect and safeguard our heritage” – Mgr Dr Edgar Vella

The Mdina Metropolitan Cathedral Museum is housed within a magnificent baroque building, on the right-hand side of the Cathedral, in Archbishop’s Square. This imposing edifice was built by Bishop Alpheran de Bussan, with the first stone being laid in 1733.

The building was inaugurated as the Mdina Seminary on the 20th May 1742. The Seminary remained in Mdina till 1858, when is was moved to Floriana. After that, the building was used for various purposes, including by the British military during the Crimean War. Later, it was used as a retreat house, storage space and exhibition space.

The Cathedral Museum itself was established in 1897, and it was first opened to the public in 1969. Among the collections currently found in the museum, one can find the silver collection, prints by German Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer and an extensive collection of coins, as well as paintings by Maltese and period artists.

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Mdina Metropolitan Cathedral Museum Curator Fr Edgar Vella, who is a passionate art collector and connoisseur, told that the museum is currently undergoing a visitor-centered transformation.

“We have embarked on a relatively large impetus which is practically resulting in the refurbishment of the whole museum from the cellar to the dome,” he explained.

This includes the conservation and restoration of the chapel, which resulted in the discovery of a trompe l’oeil under a fake dome which had been painted in white. The museum is also launching the use of a number of digital interpretation tools.

More information about the museum may be found online.

Filming: Miguela Xuereb

Editing: Coryse Borg