Watch: “Our employees discovered new skillsets… especially online”

What changes have local companies made to cope with these unusual times? How is the economy going to survive? And what are the things that local businesses can do to stay ahead of the curve?

In the series ‘Business Talks’, Coryse Borg speaks to a number of movers and shakers in various spheres, such as banking, retail, real estate, events co-ordinators and more.

In this edition, Borg speaks to Heritage Malta CEO Noel Zammit and Palazzo Falson Curator Caroline Tonna about the changes that these two entities had to make with the arrival of COVID-19.

We had to think of various different strategies to stay relevant

“We took it in a positive way,” Tonna stated, “We diversified and found all the strengths of the staff and we tried to employ those strengthen into new projects… we were doing this online, which was quite exciting, and also accessible to everyone for free.”

“We had to think of various different strategies to stay relevant,” said Zammit, “So we embarked on various exercises and projects where we engaged audiences online through social media and other online platforms.”

What will happen if this current situation goes on for more than the next few months?
Watch: “The real estate sector is doing well but COVID is here to stay for a while”

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