Watch: ‘Online transition made it more difficult to communicate’ – ŻAK leader

The transition to online meetings has made communication between ŻAK members more difficult, leader and member Maria Felice told during an interview on International Youth Day 2020. 

Speaking about how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted their work, Felice noted that it was difficult to carry out online games and difficult to focus as most of the youths would have spent the day staring at their computer screen to follow online lessons. Some members lacked internet access while others were not on social media, making communication between the members more difficult. 

Certain activities which were common place before the pandemic could not be organised any more. These included night hikes or days by the beach. 

After the restrictions were lifted, meetings in person started to take place once again subject to certain restrictions. Felice remarked that members were happy to see each other after so much time had passed. 

“It was evident when we saw each other that we had missed each other’s company,” she said. 

Asked about International Youth Day, Felice explained that on this day, youths come together to mark the day – she recalled the Eurocamp held in Malta last year when youths from all over the world flocked to Malta. Each year is memorable for different reasons, Felice told

An enriching experience – Karl Grech

ŻAK leader and member, Karl Grech, recalled the time when he celebrated International Youth Day in Rome where a big gathering was held for which Pope Francis was also in attendance. Describing it as “an enriching experience”, Karl chose this experience as one of the most memorable one.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s International Youth Day went online. Karl remarked that this day serves for reflection and coming together to celebrate the day.

Asked whether their mission has changed due to the outbreak of coronavirus, Karl said that the changes occurred in its implementation, however, the mission remained the same. Their mission had to be adapted to reflect the new reality, taking into account the different precautionary measures in place related to coronavirus.

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