Watch: No reply from Cutajar if spouses should be included in declaration of assets

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Parliamentary Secretary for equality and reform Rosianne Cutajar did not reply when asked whether spouses of Cabinet members who’s declaration of assets are made public should be included in the declaration of assets made by the MPs. asked Cutajar whether it was in their plans to re-introduce spouses assets in the declaration of assets. Cutajar replied that it was not up for her to decide. She added that one would have to discuss the issue and take it from there.

Asked about her personal opinion, whether such declarations should also include spouses’ assets and income, Cutajar replied that “the government was forward looking and that it would adopt any measure which would strengthen good governance”.

Maltese assets declarations requirement are relatively low when compared to other countries. Since 2015, the declaration of spouses’ income and assets became ‘optional’.

In 2017, the declaration of assets for ministers and parliamentary secretaries for the year 2016 were not tabled in parliament.