Watch: New €100,000 cardiac equipment at Mater Dei

Health Minister Chris Fearne launched a new piece of cardiopulmonary testing equipment at Mater Dei Hospital adding that, “Every year we have around 500 patients who will need, what is called, cardiac rehabilitation.” The Chairman of the Cardiology Department, Dr Robert Xuereb explained to exactly what this new machine does.

During the press conference called for the launch, Mr Fearne said that with patients nowadays it is not just a case of treating patients and leaving it at that, but also to make sure that patients get on their feet back to normal. This machine is there to help monitor the patient and provide information for customisation of his rehabilitation.

While explaining that the machine does, Dr Xuereb said that the main function is to see how the heart and lungs behave during exercise in patients with congenital heart disease. This machine not only checks physical exercise capabilities, but can also help decide whether medicinal treatment is the way forward, whether there needs to be surgical intervention, and about what kind of exercise needs to be done.

The equipment was co-funded by the NGO Beating Hearts and the Government in equal parts. The Minister thanked the NGO for their help and support. Mr David Aquilina, from the NGO, said that initially it was a support group for parents and children born with congenital heart disease. He said that, knowing that the hospital is not only the cardiology department and wanting to do their best to help both the department and their patients to speed up the treatment process.

Footage by Luke Zerafa