Watch: New docudrama series features award-winning Maltese authors

‘Storja ta’ Storja’, an eight-part docudrama series featuring award-winning Maltese authors, will be broadcast every Saturday on Television Malta starting from the 8th August 2020. 

The series is executive produced by the National Book Council following a 2019 call for applications for the production of a docudrama TV-series promoting Maltese literature with new audiences.

The featured authors are Dr Alfred Sant, Loranne Vella, Immanuel Mifsud, Clare Azzopardi, Alex Vella Gera, Lou Drofenik, Maria Grech Ganado and Walid Nabhan.

The production company Sajjetta was entrusted with the production of the project. The series is directed and adapted by Charlie Cauchi and Martin Bonnici with additional screenwriting by Teodor Reljiç.

Cauchi and Bonnici explained to that each episode centres on an author, using local actors to bring their works to life.

“The whole process was fun but a bit tricky,” says Cauchi, “We had loads of things to consider. We chose eight authors and we wanted to have equally male and female. We didn’t want all the authors to have the same kind of ‘voice’, so all of the authors have different genres.”

The project took them all the way to Australia to film Lou Drofenik, as well as to Brussels, which saw them searching for Dr Alfred Sant, who apparently was not where he was meant to be. (The intrepid duo did finally manage to track him down).

‘Storja ta’ Storja’ episodes will be made available on the National Book Council YouTube channel in the days following the TV broadcast.

For more updates concerning ‘Storja ta’ Storja’ and other National Book Council initiatives, you may visit the website and the NBC Facebook page. The official page of the docudrama series ‘Storja ta’ Storja’ may be found here.