Watch: New children’s song promotes hand washing

Washing hands need not be a boring and tedious chore. On the contrary, it can be fun, especially when accompanied by a lively tune.

That is the idea behind a brand new song that has just been launched online.

Inħobb Naħsel Idejja (I love to wash my hands) is a song in Maltese that promotes hand washing as a fun way of keeping nasty bugs away.

With words and music by Michael Piscopo (famous for his Fonzu l-Fenek songs), and arranged, produced and performed by Phyllisienne Brincat, the song is complemented by a video showing boys and girls happily washing their hands.

In their efforts to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, health authorities and medical experts alll around the world continuosly emphasise on the importance of washing ones hands frequently.  This is sound advice for people of all ages, but perhaps even more so for young children.

And this goes beyond the Covid-19 pandemic. The simple act of washing ones hands thoroughly with soap and water is not only good basic hygiene, but could eliminate a large portion of the common germs and bacteria that cause all sorts of illnesses.

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