Watch: New barriers reduce risks of traffic accidents – Infrastructure Malta

The installation of new road barriers will ‘reduce the medical, psychological, social and economic consequences of traffic accidents in Malta,’ Infrastructure Malta’s CEO Inġ. Fredrick Azzopardi, has said.

Infrastructure Malta is now installing a new concrete CE-certified concrete barrier along stretches of Malta’s roads. This month, the barriers have so far been installed along part of the newly modified Triq tal-Balal and for the separation of the two new three-lane carriageways in part of Triq Reġjonali.

With a European wide application, the barriers are understood to be constructed with a series of safety procedures which reduce serious damage and injuries incurred during accidents.

At six metres and 3.4 tonnes, the barriers are apparently crash-tested and certified to be able to withstand and contain a collision from a 13-tonne bus hitting them at 70km/h. Their design also reduces the chances that cars will flip over after colliding with them.

Infrastructure Malta also explains that the smoother design ensures that injuries for helmeted motorcyclists are less serious.