Watch: ‘Never be an accomplice to injustice’ – Archbishop

Archbishop Charles Scicluna delivered a message to all students returning to school this week to ‘never be an accomplice to injustice’, as well as a direct appeal for mutual respect. In his short and well-meaning message, the Archbishop specifically spoke about the importance of respect to all other students, and particularly, to teachers as well.

With a strong anti-bullying sentiment, the message asks students to stop and stand up for victims of bullying, letting friendship flourish in a spirit of good behaviour, intelligence and patience. Students who take care of each other are truly contributing to society.

When it comes to respecting teachers, the Archbishop reminded students that all the people taking care of them are not merely doing so because of their paycheque. Teachers and all scholastic staff are giving a service to the country, allowing everyone to grow and develop with a strong sense of solidarity towards one another.

Archbishop Scicluna ended his message by reminding students that they should seek God, just like He seeks them.