Watch: ‘National pilgrimage in September if authorities give green light’

A national pilgrimage will be organised on the 14th of September if the authorities give the green light for religious gatherings to take place, according to Archbishop Charles Scicluna.

Mons. Scicluna made the announcement during his homily in the Ta’ Ġieżu church in Valletta during the Our Lady of Sorrows mass.

The Archbishop said that every year, people are reminded of the sorrow Mary felt when she saw that her beloved son was condemned to death. Referring the statute of Christ of the Ta’ Ġieżu Church, Mons. Scicluna said that this was often referred to as the miraculous cross. He said that the Maltese often turned towards the statute in times of hardship.

Thanking the Franciscan Friars Minor for accepting his invitation, Mons. Scicluna said that if the authorities gave their green light, a national pilgrimage will be organised on the 14th of September – the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. He urged the congregation to pray for the pandemic to have abated by then.

The Archbishop also thanked the Franciscan Friars Minor for displaying the statute of Our Lady of Sorrows which usually features prominently in the street processions which are usually organised at this time of year. The statute portrays Holy Mary with a dagger going through her heart, illustrating the sorrow she felt in Golgotha – the skull-shaped hill in Jerusalem, the site of Jesus’ crucifixion.

Mons. Scicluna said that today people’s thoughts were with the people who are suffering due to the coronavirus. He mentioned that the elderly are currently staying indoors as advised by the health authorities.

The Archbishop said that he also wished the 202 local coronavirus patients good health. He also thanked the medical staff who were caring for the sick.

Mons. Scicluna ended his homily with a prayer Rużar Briffa used to pray. Briffa was a Maltese doctor who specialised in infectious diseases.