Watch: “My sister is no longer with us but I know she supports me” – Emma Cutajar, MGT

The sixth episode of Malta’s Got Talent on Sunday night saw singers, dancers, a pole dancer, a Burlesque show and even an acrobatic pizzaiolo.

The revelation of the evening was definitely composer/pianist/singer Emma Cutajar, 14, who sang a song called ‘I Miss You’ that she had written herself as a tribute to her sister Erica who sadly passed away before Emma was born.

“Although my sister is no longer with us, I know she is here and she is supporting me,” she said.

Before long, the rendition of the song had Maxine in tears. Afterwards, Howard said that lyrics were “spot on” and went very well with her voice. Visibly emotional, Sarah said that she was touched, and Ray said he was flabbergasted by the performance. As Maxine went to give her verdict, she stood up and awarded Emma her Golden Buzzer. Sobbing with happiness, Emma was joined on stage by her family, including her father MP Robert Cutajar.

Dance troupe Dancelab gave a high energy performance which impressed the judges, with Maxine and Sarah giving them a standing ovation. Four yesses went to the troupe. Waiter Rodoljup Mladenovic sang an original rap song. However, Howard said his diction was a problem and he got four nos.

I’m not going to let the bullies win. I’m going to keep going even if it kills me

Magician Christian Brincat 24, known as ‘The Quiet Magician’ has had a stutter since he was young. He got emotional when he explained that he had been bullied his whole life. “I’m not going to let the bullies win. I’m going to keep going even if it kills me,” he said.

Brincat explained that he wanted to be a soldier when he was younger, but it fell through. After his watching his parents do magic – his father was popular magician Lorenzo – he slowly he started getting obsessed with it.

“I’m here to send a message to everyone watching… here or overseas,” he said, “If you have a verbal or mental disorder, it doesn’t matter – do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true.” His act delighted and baffled the judges and he went through with four yesses.

Burlesque powerhouse Undine La Verve, together with her dancers, performed a showgirl cabaret (in PG format of course). The performance got a yes from Sarah and Maxine but a a no from the Howard and Ray, so they did not go through.

Nine-year-old dancer Ria Gauci’s stage presence and acrobatics dominated her performance. She said that she was inspired by her mum and dad who also used to dance when they were younger. Four yesses for a tearful (happy tears of course!) Ria.

Pole dancer Naomi Borg Leyland, who is 23 years old, gave a stunning and elegant performance dressed in gold. She also received four yesses, while Italian pizzaiolo Giuseppe Foggia’s (who is also 23) spectacular pizza-acrobatic performance also earned him four yesses.

Sisters Maria, 13, and Sarah, 9, gave their rendition of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’. They did not get through, with four nos. However, the judges’ unanimous verdict is that the girls both need to work on their singing through training.

Last but certainly not least, charismatic 75-year-old singer Freddie Newland had Sarah in fits when he was telling his (very, very long) life story. He – eventually – started singing and was awarded with four yesses and delighted guffaws from the judges.

Malta’s Got Talent, presented by Gordon Bonello, is broadcast on Sundays at 8.50 pm on Television Malta.