Watch: “My motherly instinct kicked in… then he punched me in the head”

In January 2014, Jennifer Christie was returning to her hotel room in North Carolina after a day’s work as a sign language interpreter. She was working away from home, the weather was bad, she drove to the hotel, focussed on getting out of the cold.

Ms Christie did not realise that she was being followed. She went up to her room and as she turned around to close the door, she saw a man in her doorway. The man went on to violently assault and brutally rape Ms Christie, leaving her with life-long physical and emotional injuries.

In an exclusive interview with Fr Joseph Borg, Ms Christie says,”I fought; ribs broke, fingers broke… at some point, I tried to disappear somewhere inside myself and said repeatedly in my mind, ‘whatever is happening in my body, he can’t touch my soul.'”

Together with her husband Jeff, Ms Christie is a keynote speaker at the Annual March for Life organised by the Life Network Foundation Malta on Sunday 9th December at 3.30 pm in Castille Square, Valletta.

The full interview will be broadcast on the programme Follow Up on RTK 103FM and on Monday 10th December 2018 at 5.00 pm.