Watch: Parkinsons at 40 was a bolt from the blue says patient

David Borda, afflicted with early-onset Parkinson’s disease,  recalled the impact this had on his children.  During an interview with Sylvana Debono on RTK, David said wryly that “…they say that life begins at 40, and for me, it truly did, a different life”. Some time after turning 40,  he started to feel his leg shake and his fingers twist. He went to a few massages but was referred to a neurologist who certified that he was suffering from Parkinson’s.

David explained how the condition seemed to hit him like like a bolt from the blue. He said that it was difficult for his children to understand that he could not even get up to make a cup of tea and had to ask them to make it for him.

Parkinson’s disease is an illness which worsens with time, despite the medication that one may take to control it. He says that he has accepted it but that his family were reluctant to, which caused him a lot of stress. His work colleagues understood his disability and were willing to help him live with it.

He chose to fight it and turned to studying law again when he wasn’t working, only to have to choose between his health and studying during the third year of the course since the stress was affecting his health.

He said that he began to seek help including from the Parkinson’s Association and explained that the illness still has a stigma tied to it in Malta but that it is important that people speak about it immediately in order to receive help.

He referred to the fact that there are around 1,400 people in Malta suffering from Parkinson’s disease and that it is beneficial for these people to meet. He said that he found help in people who had taken the same operations before him in order to decrease the symptoms and the pain.

He says that one should consult a doctor and take an informed decision about the operations. He encourages those suffering from Parkinson’s disease to not lost heart but to speak about it.

If you would like to attend dance lessons or find out more, go to the Step Up For Parkinson’s Voluntary Organisation Facebook page or call on 9920 0822.