Watch: Mvintage’s new Christmas collection is here to spread the light in 2020

Just like Mrs Claus, you too can spread the joy and light this Christmas.

We’re all familiar with Santa Claus – whether we’ve encountered a family member dressed up as Mr Claus when we were little, or we could have sworn we saw his reindeers up in the sky, one starry night – Santa Claus has always been the main character we associated Christmas with.

But have you ever met Mrs Claus?

Commonly looked at as simply being Santa Claus’ wife, carer of his reindeer and assisting in her husband’s toy preparation, this year, Mvintage made it their mission to give Mrs Claus her own narrative. In the brand’s campaign video, Mrs Claus is the one delivering the Christmas magic and coming back home to milk, cookies and her husband’s comfort after a hard day’s work of handing out presents.

Krystle Penza, Mvintage’s Founder and Designer, claims that ‘Being a brand that has women empowerment as its forefront, Mvintage’s Spread the Light Christmas campaign, focuses on the magic inside each and every woman – Mrs Claus is in each and every one of us’.  

Mrs Claus can be that lovely lady next door or the one you see in the street helping someone in need. The lady who always greets you with a smile. Mrs Claus is in every single one of us – inspiring us to care, to love unconditionally, to think of others and to make others feel special. Most of all, this Christmas, Mrs Claus is the magic inside of you that will help spread joy and light that everyone desperately needs, especially, this festive season.

Christmas is a time for joy, happy faces, smiles, laughter and excitement – a reminder that the world is a beautiful place to live in and surprises and opportunities are just around the corner. Similar to the way our homes and streets are beautifully decorated to look warm and inviting, Mrs Claus knows that beautiful jewellery can bestow the same feeling onto women as well.

Use a little bit of Mrs Claus’ energy to light up someone’s year with Mvintage’s new Starlight Collection. Every lady in your life deserves to know how brilliant, passionate and confident she really is. The collection includes exclusive, limited-edition Mvintage Jewellery Boxes that come free with the new Starlight matching jewellery sets; Confidence, Passion and Hope.

Available individually, or as a set, the new Starlight Circle Halo pendants are a new addition to the Christmas collection. With their beautiful halo effects, they create the right amount of sparkle around the bold colours of the brand’s signature birthstones. New Starlight hoops, that come in three sizes, will make any outfit pop and 5 beautiful new Twist Coins give the right touch of elegance and sophistication.

Spread the Light to your special woman this festive season and make sure that she knows that she is simply never too old to believe in Christmas magic.

This content was supplied by Mvintage