Watch: MV Malita with yet another ramp problem


The MV Malita is once again out of commission as its ramp snapped off from the vessel whilst at Ċirkewwa.

A Gozo Channel official explained how the MV Malita ramp got detached whilst the vessel was loading vehicles for the 9.45pm trip, and passengers that were already on board had to disembark and wait for a replacement.

The MV Malita had to keep its engines on for a further three hours whilst still berthed at Ċirkewwa due to the high waves.

The schedule was distribted to such an effect that the 9.45pm trip got cancelled with the next ferry trip setting sail at 11.15pm, a quarter of an hour behind schedule. This was due to the fact that another vessel had to sail out from Mġarr, Gozo to replace the MV Malita.

MV Malita is not working once again

Gozo Channel had scheduled maintenance works on the MV Malita for a whole month at the beginning of 2019. Just a week in from the month long docking, the vessel’s ramp was malfunctioning yet again and the vessel was sent back in the docks for the necessary repairs.