Watch: “Music performance should remain a live experience” – Mro Brian Schembri

The Beethoven at Home project invites Valletta residents to host conductor and pianist Brian Schembri in their own home as he presents one of Beethoven’s most important masterpieces, the Hammerklavier sonata.

These performances will take place in residential houses, celebrating Beethoven’s memory; his company and music being enjoyed, admired and felt by those around him, during an evening at home with friends and family. spoke to the very charismatic Mro Brian Schembri who explained that the event was being held to commemorate Beethoven’s 250th birthday.

“The Hammerklavier sonata is one of the most difficult pieces ever written for piano,” he said, “It’s a big challenge; it’s like a mountain-climber going up Mount Everest for the first time of you life. It is something you prepare all your life for.”

As an aside, Schembri had also taken part in the 200th birthday celebrations in Malta in 1970, when he was only a young lad, with his very first professional recital, which was broadcast on television and called ‘Beethoven 200 sena ilu, Brian Schembri illum’ (‘Beethoven 200 years ago, Brian Schembri today’), produced by Charles Abela Mizzi.

Schembri has received critical acclaim as an artist of high calibre for his strongly passionate and lyrical performances and has forged a strong reputation for a moving profound musicality.

“I’m still going to try to find ways and means to let music performance remain a live experience,” says Schembri, “The human being is losing the ability to connect to real physical sound. And for us musicians, it means the death of music.

As this is a series of performances within residential spaces, the exact address of the performance venue will be communicated after a ticket is purchased, and, to instill the intimate feeling of a living room setting at the event, seats are limited.

The first in this series of performances will be on Saturday 21st November at 7pm and tickets are available from Another two performances will take place on Thursday 17th December and Thursday 14th January 2021.

The organisers, Valletta Cultural Agency, will be following the regulations currently in place such as maintaining physical distancing, sanitisation and other prevention measures such as mask wearing, and kindly ask prospective patrons to join in following these guidelines.

This episode was made possible through a grant by the Valletta Cultural Agency