Watch: “Music helped me overcome my shyness”

From a young age, Paul Busuttil had always shown an interest in music.

“Music was always my passion,” he told, “I was always shy, and some people used to let me down stating that music was not the right career path that I should take, and that I was not good enough to sing and so on… After so many years wanting to release something to share with the public. I thought that this was the right time.”

The impetus for the music video was a discussion with Mr Busuttil’s good friend, musician Glenn Sacco.

“Glenn has been into music for quite a while, playing with several bands in Malta, and he encouraged me to follow my dream,” said Mr Busuttil, “He said that my voice was a good recording voice and I thought that I should trust him and follow my dream.”

After recording the song – a cover version of Dancing On My Own by Calum Scott – at Somnio Recording Studios, Mr Busuttil met up with videographer Ishmael Valletta who directed the music video.

“Being let down by others stopped me for a while, but I learned from my mistakes and I hope to continue what I have started. Hopefully, I will share my passion and encourage all the people out there to follow their dreams like I’m doing,” concluded Mr Busuttil.