Watch: Muscat plays down high election ratings for PL

The Labour leader downplayed a survey conducted in recent days by local newspapers, which put the Labour Party more than 40,000 votes ahead in the upcoming elections.

Muscat stated that the likelihood was that the Labour Party would still hold on to its 3 seats in the Parliament.

He explained that it was very difficult to calculate the outcome of the elections when European elections normally see a 70% of the electorate and not more than 90% as there is projected in the general election.

Muscat was taking questions from ONE news during a political activity at the Orfeo Theatre in Gzira. During the interview, Muscat also spoke about social housing, cleanliness, infrastructure and specific proposals for the Island.

The Prime Minister reminded the audience that during the last election for the European Parliament in 2014, the Labour Party had brought a majority greater than that of the general election of 2013 but still the Labour Party had won three seats in the European Parliament, equal to the PN. Muscat called on everyone to vote early and for the Labour candidates.

Security cameras

On the security situation in Marsa and Hamrun, Muscat said that the project Safe City could reduce crime.He mentioned that it would help enforce discipline expressing examples such as trouble outside Ħamrun Church and noise and disturbance recorded outside stores late at night.

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Social housing 

Joseph Muscat said that Malta has seen a big difference in social housing and that contrary to the ruling Nationalist government, the Labour Government had been working to bring about social housing and investment in 1,700 new accommodation.

Speaking about cleanliness, the Prime Minister stressed that there must be discipline with residents to keep their homes clean. He said he has come to the enforcement stage and will be replacing stickers on garbage bags with fines.


Muscat explained that the Infrastructure body would be introducing parking sensors which would be installed in the core of localities. When the lights are fully illuminated, this would mean that the location is full of cars encouraging drivers not to park there. He explained that this would reduce emissions. In addition to this, a special budget allocation would be made to incentivize Public Private Partnerships for more underground parking along with more gardens and open spaces for the public.