Watch: ‘Muscat broke Putin’s record’ – Activist at Daphne vigil

Occupy Justice activist Alessandra Dee Crespo said that the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has broken the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s record after removing the makeshift Daphne Caruana Galizia memorial over 192 times.

She said this during her speech at the vigil which took place today to commemorate 14 months from her murder. Dee Crespo said that the flowers and candles are expressions of the condemnation of the journalist’s murder, and an attack on the institutions which are meant to be safeguarding freedom of expression.

The activist said that the case of the Great Siege Monument which was hidden for restoration shows what the Government things about freedom of expression. She also added that people who support this Labour Government feel like they can harass and assault people who place candles and flowers at the memorial.

Silence led to assassination – Student

Mike Borg, a young student at the University of Malta, said that he never imagined he would have to give a speech to defend a basic fundamental right – the right to freedom of expression. According to Borg, the silence which Muscat maintained while Caruana Galizia was being threatened led to a situation where a journalist could be killed with absolute impunity. He said that this is how oppressive Governments work.

Caruana Galizia kept making her voice heard – Activist

Rachel Williams from Occupy Justice said that a woman who was tired of being considered a second class citizen, mindless, and with less rights than others, Rosa Parks, started a revolution in the US for African Americans. Williams added that Daphne Caruana Galizia insisted on making her voice heard, even when she was being threatened, ridiculed, hurt, and taunted.

Julian Delia also read his poem “The Web of Honey” regarding speculation, rent, and salaries in Malta.

Video: Repubblika