Watch: Muscat and Fearne at odds on Steward Health Care negotiations

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that the negotiations with Steward Health Care have been concluded while Health Minister Chris Fearne said that the negotiations were still on going in order to increase health services in the hospitals managed by Steward Health Care.

Muscat and Fearne spoke to during the inauguration of the new Anatomy Center at Barts Medical School. Muscat in a firm reply said that the negotiations with Steward Health Care were “concluded”. Contrary to the Prime Minister, Fearne said that the discussions with Steward Health Care have been on going since the for-profit hospital operator was in Malta. Fearne explained that the Ministry and the operator are currently discussing extending the health services provided.

The Health Minister had dismissed that Steward Health Care had thoughts on giving up the Gozo General Hospital in November. During the same period, local newspaper Times of Malta had reported that the Government accepted to renegotiate the contract by which the hospitals were leased to the hospital operator.

Fearne had failed to clarify which parts of the contract were up for amendments in the contract between the government and Steward Health Care.