Watch: Munxar roadworks underway

Road works ranging from the limits of Munxar up to Xlendi are underway. This was announced by Gozo Minister Justyne Caruana.

Minister Caruana stated that the “ambitious” project will see roads that suffice the current traffic demand. She added that the Ministry has embarked on this project as it was promised in the electoral campaign.

In a statement, Caruana explained that last year, the Ministry formed an agreement with Munxar’s Local Council in order to ensure that Munxar Road will be a core part of this holistic project. The Council was responsible for issuing the tender, and for ensuring that the works are being handled efficiently as agreed.

“In this way, the Ministry is not only sending a clear message that it is willing to work closely with Local Councils, but actually compiling a programme according to the localities’ priorities”, concluded Minister Caruana.