Watch: Mozart X Factor at Ziguzajg with The Impresario!

For this week’s episode of‘s online cultural programme ‘Take a Bow‘, Coryse Borg interviews Brandon Thearle, one of the actors in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s comic opera The Impresario, which is being organised by Teatru Manoel and ŻiguŻajg, as part of this year’s children’s festival.

The plot revolves round theatre impresario Mr Scruples (played by Thearle) who has to choose between opera singers Mme Goldentrill and Ms Silverpeal – who are both brimming
with talent – to join his team.

Will there be a lot of arguing? Will they ever find out who is the best? Who will be the star of the show? Let’s hope he decides fast, otherwise he will get grumpy!

The ‘comedy opera’ will take place at Teatru Manoel in Valletta on the 23rd November at 5.30 pm and the 24th November at 11.30 am. The shows, which are in English, last about an hour and are suitable for children eight years of age and older.

Filming: Malcolm Agius

Editing: Coryse Borg


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