Watch: My child is God’s gift – Jennifer Christie at Pro-Life rally


The Pro-life mother and rape victim Jennifer Christie’s speech during the Pro-Life rally in Valletta on Sunday focused on how she and her husband chose to raise a child conceived from rape. She said that when people ask her if her child reminds her of the physical violation that she had experienced, she replies in the affirmative and adds that God gifted her with a child to compensate for the horror of the rape in itself.
Jennifer Christie said that the boy reminds her that love always conquers over hate.
Life Network Foundation Malta Chairperson Miriam Sciberras said that in the recent past out society has experienced drastic changes and such changes are being mirrored in the imminent changes within the legal system. She also mentioned how the Women Rights Foundation have not taken a stand on the introduction of legal abortion in Malta but then they seek the need to discuss the decriminalisation of abortion in particular cases such as ones similar to Jennifer Christie’s son, children with disabilities and others.
Parit Demokratiku leader Godfrey Farrugia, former Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi and former EU commissioner Tonio Borg were also present at the rally.

Prior to the rally 

Mrs Christie was interviewed by Fr Joe Borg and told the story of how, when going back to her hotel after a day working as a sign language interpreter, a man followed her, beat her up and violently raped her.

She continued to say that rape should not open the doors to abortion, and that’s why she has decided to speak out in favour of life. Jennifer’s husband, Jefrey said that although it wasn’t easy for him, he decided to be there for his wife and his family. He is raising the boy as though he was his, despite not being the biological father.