Watch: More than 600kg of waste collected at Mistra Bay

680kgs of waste were collected from Mistra Bay during a clean-up organised by
Member of European Parliament Miriam Dalli together with eNGO Żibel.

eNGO Żibel, committed to reducing waste and protecting the natural environment has organised multiple clean-ups around Malta and Gozo, and people of all ages, including snorkelers and divers participated in the activity to clean the sea.

The waste collected was separated, so that 133kg of general waste, 7kg of plastic, 31kg of glass, 3kg of metal and 506kg of bulky waste were collected.

MEP Miriam Dalli emphasised the proper disposal of bulky waste and more enforcement to
ensure that action is taken against those who dispose of waste illegally.

“We need to realise that when bulky waste is not properly disposed of, it is not only an eyesore but it also causes serious harm to the surrounding environment, including marine species. In the end, the waste we throw away in the sea ends up in our plate,” Dalli said.

Andrew Schembri, one of the founders of the eNGO Zibel, issued an urgent call to become more waste conscious and tackle improper waste disposal at all levels.

Dr Dalli and the eNGO Zibel encouraged everyone to do their part this Summer by
dedicating some of their time to collect waste and keeping our beaches clean, as well as committing to the use of reusable products as much as possible.