Watch: Mitigation measures for childcare centres are being discussed

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The health authorities are currently deciding on the best mitigation measures which will be introduced at childcare centres in order to decrease the risk of contracting coronavirus.

During a press briefing on Monday, Superintendent of Public Health, Professor Charmaine Gauci said that it was more difficult to control children than adults.

Prime Minister Robert Abela announced that childcare centres could be the next to open when the time comes for the government to ease further restrictive measures which were implemented to contain the spread of the coronavirus within the community. SkolaSajf is expected to go ahead in summer, Abela said on Sunday.

Acknowledging that it was more difficult to control children who are too young to understand the importance of not touching other surfaces and then touching their face, Prof. Gauci explained that the health authorities have drawn up a strategic plan and a carried out a risk assessment.

The health authorities are working on devising mitigation measures which are based on the basic principle of hygiene and which would see children not having long periods of contact or be in large groups.

Prof. Gauci stressed that childcare centres would reopen if the situation remains under control and would be subject to mitigation measures.

Speaking about the lifting of restrictive measures, Prof. Gauci explained that new measures aimed at mitigating the effects of repealing restrictive measures were implemented. Such mitigating measures are drawn up following consultative meetings with the stakeholders involved and are aimed at minimizing risks of local transmission of the virus.

The health authorities are working with the Education Ministry on the possibility of reopening childcare centres subject to a number of conditions.

During Monday’s press conference, Prof. Gauci provided the case details of the eleven coronavirus cases which were registered over the weekend. The daily press briefings were halted and instead, Prof. Gauci briefs the nation every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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