Watch: MITA rebrands as part of 30th anniversary

Our digital future.

As part of the 30th anniversary from the founding of MITA, the agency is launching a new brand image that will represent their past, future and also the way forward.

“A change in design that represents an agency that must always move forward in terms of its technology, security and digital implementation. An initiative that brings not only a change in appearance, but also in our ideology. We will be the digital future of our country,” a statement by MITA reads, “More than ever it has become very clear that the digital support and protection we provide is crucial for the country. We have understood and showed that our Agency is essential for our country’s digital future. And today this will lead us to change our brands’ image, which will better reflect our identity.”

Through this initiative MITA has rebranded their identity by changing their logo, website, and corporate look.

“We will continue to change and grow together. Our rebranding marks a new chapter in the agency’s history. A change that will define us and will lead us to new opportunities,” the statement concluded.