Watch: Missio Malta’s song selected as theme for int’l mission next month

A song created by Missio Malta, a contingent of the Pope’s international body of Pontifical Mission Societies, has been selected as the theme song for the upcoming Extraordinary Month of Mission 2019.

The content entitled ‘Baptised and Sent’ will accompany this year’s EMM2019 theme of the same name; ‘Baptised and Sent: The Church of Christ on a Mission in the World.’

According to Missio, the Maltese contingent had been asked to create the content by the Fundraising Committee of EMM2019, to help launch the event in October.  The song is understood to be an explanation of how people are called to missions of faith throughout the year and not simply in the month of October.

October is considered be a key month for the church dedicated to missionary work. The Pope has called 2019 a key month given that it marks 100 years since the teachings of the mission handed down by Pope Benedict XV.

Prior to the launch of the EMM2019, Missio is expected to be coming to Malta to support the Maltese and Gozitan dioceses with support, materials and their expertise.

Missio operates in over 120 countries and is engaged in supporting over 1,200 smaller and younger churches as they become able to support themselves.

The song can be heard here

The lyrics for the song can be found here The music score can be found here