Watch: Missing cat reunites with owner 11 years later

On the 23rd April 2009, Eve McDonnell stopped to buy some milk in Birmingham, UK. Her cat Missy, who was in the car, saw her opportunity for freedom and dashed out.

McDonnell was devastated. She searched high and low for the her pet, but finally resigned herself to never seeing Missy again.

However, fate was to intervene almost 11 years later, when MdDonnell received a call from a rescue shelter saying that the now 17-year-old Missy was alive and had been found living on the streets around 12 kilometres away from Ms McDonnell’s home!

Missy was rescued by Ali Shah and his mother Salma, who took her in and cared for her after they saw her sleeping rough. After a while, they took her to the Little Haven Rescue in Sutton Coldfield. Rescue centre owner Clare Davis took Missy to a vets where a microchip was discovered… and she was traced back to 72-year-old Ms McDonnell.

The video shows Missy being rescued by Shah and eventually being taken to Ms McDonnell’s home in Harborne. Missy jumps out of the cat carrier, walks nonchalantly around the house and even rubs against Ms McDonnell… like she remembers her.

Ms McDonnell was delighted to have Missy back and said that she had never stopped thinking about her. In the meantime, Missy has returned to her favourite place to sleep, on the stairs at their home.