Watch: Minister says fuel stations policy will be up and running by April

The Minister for Transport and Infrastructure has told protestors that the fuel stations policy will be up for public scrutiny next month.

Dr Ian Borg told the protesters led by Moviment Graffitti, that there had been disagreement over certain points of the original policy where fuel stations would be allowed to move out of development areas and on to a set piece of ODZ land measuring up to 3,000 metres.

Protestors reacted angrily to the politicians saying that they had used ‘bureaucracy when it suits you’, while failing to act in a timely way to amend the policy.

Dr Borg replied to the reactions by saying that history would look favourably on him and his colleagues for their efforts to change the policy. ‘When people look back, they will see that we three changed this policy,’, Borg said.

Yesterday, just over a dozen protestors led by Moviment Graffitti decided to set up a makeshift camp outside the Planning Authority, determined to hold siege to the building until Sunday.

Their aim has been to encourage the Planning Authority to act faster on changing a policy which would prevent fuel stations being built on ODZ. The protesters say that the organization has dragged its feet for too long.

In a letter delivered to Dr Borg, the protestors have criticized how the country has gradually become overrun by development, especially of the fuel stations. MG says that the motivation for why the policy has not changed is because of the pressure put on the planning authorities by those with vested interests.

Representative for MG Andre Callus said, ‘Our principle point is that in such an over-developed country, the mushrooming of fuel pumping stations is threatening our future,’

The revised policy is expected to be available for public consultation by the end of April.

Repubblika shows its support

The rule of law NGO has expressed its support to Moviment Graffitti saying that until the policy on fuel stations is resolved, ‘the Planning Authority should not issue any more permits for new petrol stations or for the relocation of existing ones.’
‘It is evident that the Planning Authority is yet another captured state institution, which instead of promoting the common good enables the greedy developers’ illegitimate exploitation of our country’s natural resources.’