Watch: “I am not covering up for anyone” – Minister Farrugia

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Minister for Home Affairs Michael Farrugia said that he is not covering up for anyone in relation to the Lassana Cisse Souleymane murder case. The Minister was replying to a question made by a journalist on whether someone will take political responsibility on the matter. He also added that he gave all the means to the Police Corps. to be able to investigate as necessary.

Minister Farrugia stated that a country that respects the rule of law, requires thorough investigation without distinction. He said that one is politically responsible means it is him that is directly or indirectly responsible of an action.

The Home Affairs Minister also referred to the Mamadou Kamara, a Mali national that had died in a detention van whilst under arrest after he had attempted to run away from the Detention Centre in 2012. He said that the persons involved were members of the Armed Forces of Malta and have appeared infront of the law to answer for their actions.

When he was reminded of the resignations handed in by Anġlu Farrugia, Michael Falzon and Manuel Mallia whilst they were government ministers, he answered back that now things are being mixed up, and added that he does not agree with the statement made by the journalist.

The Minister said that he know when he has to needs to take a decision, and when he is politically responsible and reiterated that this would be the case when he would have master-minded, or committed an action.

In answer to the question made by on what kind of tests are undertaken by army recruits during their training, Farrugia mentioned the sexual abuse cases related to the clergy.