Watch: Minister Bartolo’s promised reply has not yet materialised

Education Minister Evarist Bartolo has still not replied to the questions made by The minister had promised a reply last week. has been trying to receive some replies from the Ministry for Education for a number of months on questions related to the lack of English language teachers and school renovations.

A number of worried parents have contacted our newsroom. They told us that their children did not have teachers for their English classes for a while, and they wanted to know if those children without a teacher would still need to sit for the exam on the subject. In our report, we had also specifically mentioned the Qormi school.

After last week, a journalist asked Minister Bartolo what will happen with the students that are still without teachers, he replied that it would be better to specify which schools. When the journalist told the Minister that a number of emails have already been sent to his ministry on the subject, he replied that such emails had not reached him. sent the questions to the Minister once again

As the Minister had promised that he would reply to the questions, sent another email to the Ministry of Education and Minister Bartolo requesting a reply by noon of the 3rd of May. Until Sunday 5th May we are still without a reply.

What is happening in the schools without teachers?

In the past months a number of mothers have spoken to They have told us that there are schools that are missing English language teachers, one of which was the school in Qormi. A mother told that her daughter’s class only had a teacher for the first week of the scholastic year. She also said that there was a point during this time where the students did have a student teacher for six weeks, but then she left as well. The mother also said that her daughter’s class had to sit for the half-yearly English exam just like the others who had and English language teacher for all the scholastic year.

When asked about what could be the reason behind this lack of human resources, the Malta Union of Teachers’ (MUT) president Marco Bonnici had said that many fresh graduates from the Faculty of Education ended up going for another career as the Ministry for Education took too long to publish the results of their interviews.

An English language teacher also told that he and his colleagues are currently in a desperate situation, as he explained that there are not enough human resources and the work load is getting heavier, with some eve n suffering from burn outs and health issues,

Footage: Monique Agius