Watch: ‘Migrant workers need to learn Maltese’ – Dalli

Partit Laburista MEP Miriam Dalli believes that a person who is working in Malta need to learn Maltese. Dalli was interviewed by Fr Joe Borg during the radio program Follow Up aired on RTK 103FM. The interview focused on Dalli’s work in the field of migration as an MEP.

When asked if the recently approved law would mean more migrants coming to Malta, Dalli said this was not a question whether less or more third country nationals were going to come to Malta. Dalli explained that we need to address the needs of those who were already in Malta, saying that by burying heads in the sand it would not address the problem at hand. She asked rhetorically whether one should let migrants loiter for work, a scene commonly seen in Marsa or whether we should regard people as a human resource who have something to contribute to the Maltese society.

Dalli stressed that this was not a question of whether they were needed in Malta or otherwise, saying that there were jobs for which employers struggle to find Maltese people to employ. She said that one should regard foreign workers as a human resource, explaining that once employed, they would pay taxes and social security as well as contribute to society.

The MEP said emphasised that one thing she believes in, would seeing foreign workers learn Maltese. She explained that if a Maltese person seeks a service and did not know English, the foreigner should be able to communicate in Maltese.

‘Isolation leads to frustration and retaliation’

Dalli stated that the worst form of politics was to ignore and isolate a person without addressing their needs. She said that the funds would be allocated for relocation and other measures, such as integration. She further explained that the funds would go into creating specific training and programs as well as language training, all of which would help a person integrate.